Welcome to the 上学校

The 上学校 provides a challenging and stimulating liberal arts curriculum that inspires each of our 375 students to develop a lifelong love of learning. As Head of the 上学校, I believe that our school is unique, not just because of our 历史 and facilities, but because of something vital that develops in the relationships between teachers and students. We seek to build close faculty and student relationships that grow from our mission to inspire academic excellence, promote 多样性 and encourage constructive global citizenship.

见见瑞奇·拉皮德斯, 高中校长

在Head-Royce, we encourage students to appreciate diverse ideas, to become engaged participants in their community, and to develop into thoughtful, 有爱心的, and enthusiastic citizens of the world. Courses are designed to provide learning opportunities in which students develop critical thinking skills, 承担智力风险, work in collaborative settings, engage in creative and imaginative learning, and practice ethical decision making. We often hear of high school described as a journey, but like to think of it more as a quest. 在Head-Royce, students discover a sense of purpose beyond themselves.